The CAG Remote SuperProject

In March of 2020, global circumstances created a need for alternate ways to bring people together while keeping them apart. The idea of providing content and substance to our CAG community and others became the new necessity. Therefore, in a strategic planning meeting, CAG Director Mike Mueller and CAG Creative Associate Marc Blake discussed ways to use the safe harbor of online resources to develop a portal where musicians, young and old, could gather to share, train, educate and entertain.

Interestingly, the idea of providing a web portal of this nature was simultaneously at the forefront of alternative options by the prolific autoharp luthier, Pete d’Aigle. As such, partnering with each other is exemplified by like-minds thinking of ways to build this new university of music, education, entertainment and more.¬†

Along with this came the idea of provisioning an eCommerce mechanism to facilitate an internal economy that, at best, could help musicians enjoy income opportunities that would subsidize them in lieu of the income loss experienced by all performing artists. Event cancellations, shutdowns as well as temporary closures of public meeting places where entertainment occurs became a proverbial nail in the coffin of so many artists.

Therefore, the CAG Remote online system is established. It is being designed to build opportunities for many and aspires to continue to grow with rich features.

We welcome ideas, feedback and an ongoing dialog with those who are inspired by these efforts.