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The Five Best Ideas Will Win the Kilby Snow Anthology

Watch the California Autoharp Gathering Lifetime Achievement Award Videos

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CAG Remote Performance and Education Center

We are the CAG Community and WE LOVE THE MUSIC. Welcome to CAG Remote where you can learn and improve your musical talents – AND – enjoy music, training, tips and more from your favorite performing artists from around the world.

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What We Offer

Learning a New Instrument

Gain access to your favorite artists and enjoy the experience of learning to play another (or your first) instrument. Everyone agrees this a most fulling experience. Enjoy!

Buying an Instrument

Instrument Care & Maintenance

Foundation Building

Performance Prep

Are you ready to step in front of an audience? Why not go for it. First, learn some very helpful tips from the performers that have made this their career.

Know Your Audience

Designing Set Lists

Encores & What Not to Do

Study Skills

We’re going to take you to school. Don’t worry our teacher have no wooden rulers just love in their hearts and the desire to help you improve musically.

Picking Techniques

Music Reading Comprehension

Goal Setting


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Our roster of music professionals is constantly growing. We want to bring you a most rewarding opportunity and experience. 



Practice Tests

Enjoy Live & Recorded Performances from the Comfort of Home!

Online Tutoring

Imagine kicked back on your couch and tuning in to a live (or previously recorded) house concert by your favorite artist. Guess what? It’s happening remotely RIGHT AT YOUR HOUSE.

Enjoy Hoyle Osborne, Jane Voss & Karen Mueller … and there is so much more!

Online Training Courses

Live Instruction: One on One • Self-Paced Study

I always wanted to play an autoharp but felt intimidated. I mean, where am I going to learn? That turned into a pleasurable path and I’ve met some wonderful people through this online community.

Beginning Students

Get Started Music Courses

Well, I knew I was pretty good. I thought I knew that. Turns out I was well on my way to reaching a higher level musically. The big push came when I met up with this CAG Online Community.

Intermediate Students

Next Level Music Courses

Being part of a Masterclass with instructors like Karen Mueller and Bryan Bowers is like the coolest thing ever. I am so happy. I can’t wait to get involved with even more training from the pros.

Advanced Students

Advanced Training & Masterclasses

Let’s Learn Together! 

CAG Remote is off to a lofty start. There is so much awe aspire to bring you each of you. Register today! It’s 100% FREE to join our CAG Online Community. Also, make certain provide al kinds of feedback and requests so we can you everywhere you’d love go in this amazing musical world we share.

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